Monday                                                                        Tuesday

  •  10am Nurturing Group                                                            8:30/11 am Men's Space
  • 12pm All Recovery Meeting                                                   12 pm All Recovery Meeting
  • 1/2pm Recreational Time                                                       1:30pm Community Meeting
  • 2pm Lets Be Honest (See Schedule Change)                               3pm Center Clean Up
  • 5pm Game or Movie Night                                                     5pm Close
  • 7pm Close 

Schedule Changes

    Wednesday                                                                  Thursday

  • 10am Check In                                                                          7:30/11am Women's Space
  • 12pm All Recovery Meeting                                                   12pm All Recovery Meeting
  • 1/3pm Recreational Time                                                      3pm Anger Management  (See Schedule Change)
  • 3/4pm Recovery Workshop                                                 4:30pm Mindfulness Workshop
  • 7/8:30pm NA Meeting                                                           6pm Close
  • 8:30pm Close

May 2019 Schedule

        Friday                                                                     Saturday

  • 10am Check In                                                                         10am Weekend Check In
  • 12pm All Recovery Meeting                                                  12pm All Recovery Meeting
  • 2pm All Recovery Steps                                                        1pm Center Clean Up
  • 3pm Computer Training or Tutor Help                               1:30pm Refuge Recovery
  • 5/7pm Movie or Karaoke Night                                           3:30pm Close
  • 7pm Close

May 7

3pm Recovery Out Loud


May 6 2pm Lets Be Honest 

      Starting May 23rd Let's Be Honest will be held on Thursdays

April 25 to June 13

MBRP Mindfulness Base Relapse Prevention

 Every Thursday at 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm            

First Wednesday of every month

3pm Aroma/Yoga Therapy

Second Wednesday of every month

1:30pm Narcan Training

Second Thursday of every month

 1:30 pm Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery Presentation

          *Every month except for the months of April and December


Anger Management

Starting May 20th will switch to Mondays at 3 pm

Nurturing Group

10 am Every Monday