Meet the Staff

Joseph Tobin, Peer Coordinator

​Phone:  774-670-4428


Joe is completely dedicated to recovery from substance use disorder: both his own and others’.  Joe spent 30 years in the broadcasting business as a local radio DJ, program director, programming consultant and national network air personality.  His big secret was that throughout all those years, he struggled with polypharmacy, which is the use and abuse of many different drugs.  He dabbled with “getting clean” for many years, but never found the secret to sustained recovery until he was well into his 50’s.  By that time, long-term opiate abuse and the Hepatitis C virus had physically brought him low.

Over the intervening seven years, Joe has found a new passion working in the recovery industry.  He has held many positions as both employee and volunteer and truly believes in the power of individuals to completely recover and remake their lives.  Joe truly lives the belief that recovery is possible!”

Michael Earielo, Program Director

Phone:  774-670-4406


Michael has been the Director of Spectrum Health System’s Everyday Miracles Peer Recovery Center in Worcester, MA since October 2016.  He has over 20 years of experience with addiction and recovery.  He recently received his LADAC/CADAC and is pursuing his Recovery Coach Certification from the state of Massachusetts.  For the past two years, he’s been dedicated working with the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office and the Worcester Police Department for the Adult Diversion Program.   Michael is committed to helping individuals improve their day-to-day lives and help them to realize their goals and attain a better quality of life.